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DIY panel pet cage fence dogs rabbits cats guinea pig small pets iron metal grids storage
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Material: Iron
Dimension: 35(L) x 35(H) (cm) & 35(L) x 45(H)(cm) | 4(L) x 4(H) cm per square
Dimension Stair: 16(W) x 42(L) (cm)


  • Solid construction for pet, enough space to play
  • DIY your cage with lots of combination (Single layer, multilayer, with or w/o top sealead and etc)
  • Easy to assemble, no hammer needed! Just clip the connector to join.
  • Suitable for your small pets : Dogs, Cats, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, and etc
  • Will the panels get corroded one day? all metal / iron material are corrosion prone, please keep them dry at all time  
  • Available in 2 colors 


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